Supply Chain Quarterly:  What’s new. What’s next.

March 5, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET


At a critical time for 5G buildout and securing the nation’s information technology and communications supply chain, join us for a conversation with industry leaders on evolving federal initiatives and the potential impacts on your organization.

The first in a quarterly series of webinars – co-sponsored by the USTelecom Association and Inside Cybersecurity – will focus on discussions at the recent annual RSA Conference on topics such as 5G, the Internet of Things, software vulnerabilities, and threats from China, to name a few.

Also, industry representatives will discuss the need to coordinate emerging federal rules and requirements coming from the departments of Defense and Commerce, FCC and the General Services Administration, with DHS continuing to play an important role in advancing US government and industry collaboration.  A new DHS “tiger team” created by the ICT SCRM task force, to bring together industry and government leaders on establishing situational awareness and information flow of supply-chain risk management activities across the government, will be a topic of discussion by webinar panelists.

Plus, NIST revised guidelines on supply-chain risk management remain a front-burner issue following a recent comment deadline, and a topic for discussion during the webinar.

Don’t miss this first-in-a series webinar on supply-chain risks and regulations.


  • Charlie Mitchell, Chief Editor, Inside Cybersecurity


  • Edna Conway, VP V& GM, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Cloud Supply Chain, Microsoft
  • Kathryn Condello, Sr. Director, NS/EP, CenturyLink
  • Robert Mayer, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity & Innovation, USTelecom

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