Accurately Mapping Where Broadband Is…and Where it Isn’t

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Representing a major evolution in the way broadband service is mapped in the United States, USTelecom’s Broadband Mapping Initiative harnesses the power of new digital resources, databases and crowdsourcing platforms, combined with existing provider service address information, to improve understanding of unserved/served areas.
Early data gleaned from the mapping pilot in Missouri and Virginia are demonstrating that the new methodology works and is superior to other mapping proposals, arming policymakers with granular data to identify where broadband service is lacking and better target scarce funding to communities lacking connectivity.

Join us to hear from mapping experts working on the Broadband Mapping Initiative pilot to learn more about:

  • The Problem: The current broadband mapping system
  • Current Data: Why funded locations don’t always reflect actual locations
  • Where We’re Going: The path to location clarity


Mike Saperstein, VP – Policy & Advocacy, USTelecom
Jim Stegeman, President & CEO, CostQuest

In addition to USTelecom, ITTA and WISPA, the Broadband Mapping Initiative is comprised of individual companies representing providers of different sizes and technology types, including: AT&T, CenturyLink, Chariton Valley, Consolidated, Frontier, Riverstreet, TDS, Verizon, and Windstream

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